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News Releases - Tuesday, June 9, 1998

The Mad Mohel: Will Cybersurgeons Clip Retail REITs? is a sneak preview into the near future when mass merchandisers begin lessening their reliance on stores.  The Mad Mohel story unfolds in December 1999 when three powerful trends converge to force a popular big box retailer into bankruptcy and spook the shareholders of a retail REIT.   The trends are: customers migrating to cyberspace; the growing sales channel conflict; and the unabated securitization of retail property.  The Summer 1998 issue of the ICSC Research Quarterly will publish a version of the article. 

In April, C/NET TV broadcast a special report on EGGHEAD’s exit from retail stores.  The report included an interview with Mark Borsuk discussing its wider implications for real estate.

Shopping Center Business also featured Borsuk’s “On-line Shopping’s Impact On The Retail Store” article in the special May ICSC Convention issue.

On Wednesday, June 24, Borsuk will join a panel discussion on “The Impact of Technology on Real Estate” at the 1998 Western Building Show in San Francisco. 

In September, Mark Borsuk will address financial executives at the National Retail Federation’s meeting in Orlando and in October, the International Mass Retail Association in New Orleans.  His talk will cover the evolving role of the online sales channel and its impact on store leasing strategy.

The Real Estate Transformation Group advises landlords, retailers and lenders on property strategy for the Information Age.  In addition to consulting, Mark Borsuk is a retail leasing broker and real property attorney practicing in San Francisco.  

Contact Mark Borsuk, Managing Director (415) 922-4740 / {

The Real Estate Transformation Group thanks Mihalovich Partners, Commercial Real Estate Services {“”}in San Francisco, for hosting RETG articles including Retailer Leasing Strategy in a Wired World {“”} and THIRD WAVE CHUTZPAH. {“”}.

Copyright 1998.  All Rights Reserved.  Mark Borsuk.


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