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Upcoming Talks

ICSC Law Conference – October 26, 2001 – Palm Desert, CA

 Online Antics: Can Landlords Dictate a Tenant’s Broadband Provider?

Borsuk will lead a roundtable discussion on the landlord’s emerging role as broadband and applications service provider.

Blindsided in Cyberspace: Negotiating around the black holes in clicks and mortar leases. 

Borsuk will join Gene Sykes, Esq. and Howard Sigal, Esq. to lead a workshop on multichannel leasing issues.  Attorneys face new and vexing questions posed by the growth of online sales and landlord participation in cyberspace.  The panel will use hypotheticals to explore how telecommunications, intellectual property and real property law are all interconnected in a wired world.   The panel anticipates a spirited debate with lawyers representing retailers, developers, property owners and lenders.

National Retail Tenants Association – November 6, 2001 – Orlando, FL

Tenant Leasing Risks in the New Economy.

Borsuk and Sykes will discuss multichannel leasing pitfalls with lease negotiators, attorneys and property administrators.  The program builds on Borsuk’s 2000 NRTA presentation.  The talk covers the economic and real estate implication of online buying, the many deadly sins of multichannel leasing and an analysis of several key clauses.  Diane Glass, Esq. of CVS will moderate the session.


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