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Mark Borsuk is Managing Director of the Real Estate Transformation Group, a firm analyzing online buying's impact on retail space demand, leasing, site selection heuristics and the development of a fully integrated online and physical retailing environment: MetaSpacesm. The RETG provides strategic advice to developers, landlords, mass merchandisers and lenders. In addition to consulting, Borsuk is a retail leasing broker and real property attorney practicing in San Francisco.

In 1995, while attending a BOMA conference on enhancing office productivity through information technology, Borsuk had an epiphany. Although new to the Internet, he grasped how the nascent efforts to sell online could impact retail developers, investors and tenants. The revelation drove him to write an article for Computer Currents in 1995. Shortly thereafter, New York University's Real Estate Review accepted his article calling for a significant change in federal taxation of commercial real property due to technological obsolescence. In January 1996, Borsuk made his first presentation to the Stanford Real Estate Roundtable. The roundtable's leader, Richard Tryce (MBA '59), wanted alumni and MBA students to know of Borsuk's over-the-horizon thinking.

The RETG site contains analysis and commentary on retail space demand, site location analysis and leasing strategy along with discussions of MetaSpacesm, an integrated shopping venue. The site also directs viewers to Borsuk's Paris rental flat and properties for lease. Those wishing to follow the evolution of online buying, multichannel retailing and MetaSpacesm may add their names to the email list.


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